Tuesday, June 05, 2007

new toy

I just got a new tablet PC today and I'm trying to get the hang of it. I'm a mac guy so the whole windows thing is pretty messed up (there is nothing intuitive about this system...or maybe I'm just heavily swayed by the cool apple marketing...Damn you futuristic apple stores!!!! DAMN YOUUUU!).
Well, since mac doesn't offer an official tablet, and the moc thingy is too dang expensive, I'm on a pc for the forseeable future. It ain't so bad. It's like eating tofu. Kinda tasteless, but doesn't make me gag too bad. I do feel like I'm cheating on my dogma. Do I still believe in evolution?
Anyhow, here's the virgin drawing.


Jed said...

oh you son of a bitch !
you went with out me ... cry

which one did you get ?

I recommend ArtRage
it's only like $20 perfect for tablet work no silly UI in the way . just brushes and colours

Bobby Chiu said...

...Tofu... hehehe...
Tablet pcs are so cool. I'm taking mine lifedrawing on Thursday. You should try it out when you get the chance if you havent already.

Randeep Katari said...

Kris, this is freakin amazing.
In awe, as always.

Dustin said...

Any particular reason why you went for the tablet pc as opposed to the cintiq?

walleye said...

Hey Jed! Yeah, I ordered it online with your recommendation a few posts back. In many ways, you were with me...at least that polaroid that you gave me that I'm not supposed to talk about was taped to my moniter when I clicked the "submit" button. But don't tell Aimee.
I'm sporting the good ol' Photoshop...that's what we use on the job so I figured I'd keep it kosher.

Hey Bobby...I'll try the life drawing. Thanks for the idea.

Thanks Randeep.

Dustin...mobility my friend. I love my cintique at work, but with two kids and no room in our condo, I need the coffee shop mobility of the tablet. I can also bring work back and forth with me easier on this thing. If all things were equal, and I didn't have space issues, I'd say go cintique all the way (Get a Mac to run it...like warm butter on toast).

warren said...

Hey man,

That looks pretty good! I was gonna go with a tablet PC so I could work out of the house and actually avoid having a gollum-like glow...but I caved and ordered a Cintiq instead.It's so purty - like a red wagon goin up a green hill...

So me and Gollum are like brothers now. Ho-well.

Where ever you got the tablet I'll have to check in the other postsssts.

Be Good.
~ w.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Great sketch! I loved going back and reading the archive of posts, I'm visiting often!

the doodlers said...

Nice drawring.

I'm gonna go get a mac now and buck this trend. i switched to PC about 4 years ago, and it's tired. It's time. The Cintiq will have to wait though... $$$!!

Like I'm sure no one reading this comment will care. But thought I'd add my 2 cents. Cheers, Kris! Do you really like Pshop better than Painter...did you not use to use Painter?

Hi Warren... :)

Sketchaholic said...

Wow Kris, great drawing! That's your first tablet pc sketch?! Took me at least 6 months to get use to mine. Sigh.


ps, remember me? You were one year ahead of me at Sheridan. :)

Dustin said...

I see, I see... the mobility issue makes sense. What kind of Tablet PC didja get?

walleye said...

Warren: I love my Cintique at work...getting used to this tablet thing as well...I guess we'll both be living in a future without paper.

Thanks for stopping by Bobby!

Arna: I switched over to Pshop for work related reasons...mostly because for boarding, Adobe Bridge is the best tool for file management (which is the trickiest thing to get used to with digital boarding, I found). I also like the custom brushes and shortcuts I can build in Pshop.

Sketchaholic- Who are you? I couldn't find your name on your blog...I'm trying to remember some names from my Sheridan days...Send me a clue and we'll see if this tired old memory can dig it up!

Cheers all,

Chad Kerychuk said...

I'm waiting to hear Louie del Carmen's review of Modbook if he ever gets it delivered!

Sketchaholic said...

Vi Cuong Van. Asian dude you helped a few times. Don't worry if you don't remember though, it has been a while. :)

Anonymous said...

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